Professional headshots and personal branding portraits sometimes get a bad rap – stereotyped as fake, uncomfortable, or lacking personality.

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However, I believe that these types of photos can be full of personality, spontaneity, and fun. . .

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. . . while still maintaining a more polished and professional air.

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When I shoot your professional headshots and personal branding portraits, I want to capture not a fake “professional” version of you, but your real, authentic working self, personality included!

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Your Personal Branding Photography Experience

You're a women entrepreneur who wants to use photography to help build your brand, getting clients and growing your business by having an online presence.

Together, we will build an extensive collection of storytelling photos and detail shots that represent your brand. Perfect for developing image rich websites, marketing materials, and social media graphics. I want you to use your photos all over your website and social media accounts in order to help build your own cohesive brand.

Your Ultimate Personal Branding Experience includes a personalised styling & planning consultation followed by your photo session & a gallery of your photos. The Personal Branding Photography Experience starts from $600.


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