Day 29 | Project 365 | Melbourne Child & Family Photographer

Day 29: Cozy

Before my niece left, she offered a few suggestions for this theme. It makes a lot of sense to capture moments of my son sleeping however I had forgotten to do this. Later that evening, we had a 'Daun Sirih' bath time. I believe the English name for it is Betel leaf. We collected this leaf in the nursery, soaked it and pour the green water into the bath. Magic happened! Not only did the bath calmed his toddler energy, it was also helping to reduce a bad eczema breakout! Best natural antidote. :)

I left him playing in the bath for a few seconds and this is how I found him upon returning. Laid completely still. When i said what he was doing, he said, "I like this, This is very nice". :D

"Yes Jasper it's very cozy."