I’m Dewinta, a Kuching Wedding Photographer, a Wife, a Mum, a Lover of Stories & Cheese (the eating kind).

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I love helping loved ones connect through treasured memories and capturing authentic, in-between moments - this is my passion!

And the most important moments in life should be captured beautifully, genuinely, and authentically.




I shoot weddings all over Malaysia & dream to shoot weddings all over the world!

I used to live in Melbourne, Australia, but have returned to my lovely hometown of Kuching, along with my husband and 2 children. We swapped bush as a backyard to lush green jungles.

My favourite things in the world are shopping and gardening, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me chilling on the sofa watching Netflix. My current favourite is Queer Eye!

I couldn’t live without my family, good food and my camera. I spend a lot of time playing with my kids, singing badly, dancing to “Just Dance”. Nothing makes me happier than laughing with my friends & watching funny videos online.

My love of people is what inspired me to do wedding photography. I’ve been a photographer for 7 years and I absolutely, passionately love it!


My couples are totally laid back and madly in love, we even become BFFs throughout the journey. The last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them about and takes over their wedding day.

With me, you get a bubbly, fun, chilled out photographer who will laugh with you, cry whilst you profess your wedding vows (but still keeping it together), and go on cake tasting with you (preferably anything with cheese or chocolate, count me in).

My wedding photography style is natural and creative. I capture all the funny, and romantic moments, and let you get on with having an awesome time. For me the best part about a wedding day is the loving look in your partner’s eyes during the ceremony because it’s so intimate and beautiful.


The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to shoot people in love and watch people having a great time.


Your wedding is all about love and laughter. You don’t care about having all the “things” or formalities – you just want to eat, drink and be merry with your favourite people.

If this sounds like you, and you want to chat about your wedding then get in touch!






To me, photography is a medium through which your personality and your life story is shown in these special moments.

The moments that make you smile.
The moments that make you tear up.
The moments that make you laugh.
The moments that tug at your heartstrings.

No more unnatural posing, or awkwardness. Just real moments.

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I want to find out what love looks through your eyes, to hear your stories, what you love about each other, so that your photos will be more than just a collection of disconnected moments, but a love story.


Capturing The Most Heartfelt Weddings in Kuching, Malaysia