Hi, I’m Dewinta!

I'm a wedding, family, and portrait photographer, a mum, and a lover of stories.....and cheese (the eating kind). 

My friends & clients described me as bubbly.

One said, "I always enjoy talking to you and today was no exception! You have such a beautiful energy and I love the way your mind works!"

Before I dive into photography, I would love for you to get to know me in fun facts form:

  • I'm a Malaysian through and through. Always on the lookout for delicious eateries!

  • I live in Kuching, Malaysia but I travel for photos. ;)

  • Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are my favs celebs. So if you know them, I will photograph your whole life until I'm grey!

  • When I'm not photographing, I enjoy watching movies & have developed a Netflix addiction.

  • I'm fond of cooking & hanging out with my family.

So why did I get myself into photography? Here's why.....

Helping loved ones connect through treasured memories and capturing authentic, in-between moments is my passion!

I believe that life is made up of thousands and thousands of tiny, special moments.

And the most important moments in life should be captured beautifully, genuinely, and authentically, as they unfold in real time.

To me, photography is a medium through which your personality and your life story is shown in these special moments.

The moments that make you smile.

The moments that make you tear up.

The moments that make you laugh.

The moments that tug at your heartstrings.

No more unnatural posing, or awkwardness. Just real moments, captured as they happen.




My approach to photography may be a bit unusual– you won’t get a cold, artificial photo session in a perfectly-decorated studio. Instead, you’ll get an open, genuine, cozy photo session that captures your beautiful, authentic story.

I’ll really get to know you and your fiancé, partner, newborn, or family. I want to move beyond the formal introductions and the technical photoshoot questions, to the heart of your relationship and find the most authentic version of you.

If you’re an engaged couple, I want to find out what love looks like in your eyes, to hear your stories, what you love about each other, so that your photos will be more than just a collection of disconnected moments, but a love story.

If you’re a family looking to capture your sweet little ones before they grow up, I want to hear how your kiddos like to play, see what your unique family dynamic is, so that those precious memories can be treasured for years to come.

My specialty is photographing couples, children, and families in a beautiful, fun, and relaxed way. I love to work with natural light and on-location to capture natural lifestyle photos and documentary portraits that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations.

If your heart is open, I know we’ll make lasting photographs that allow you to step back into the moments that filled your heart with pure joy.


So where to now?


Ready to Get Started?