Bath Time | Melbourne Children Photographer


Bath time. I have met so many children across my life and most of them love this one special time that they get so much happiness from. I call it the freedom of splash time.

Having a bath suggests calmness, preparing our body for pure relaxation. However, as a parent of a toddler, I can say in confidence that what we know as pure relaxation during bath time is not what it seems.

My little man's evening routine usually includes a bath, brushing of teeth, 5 books, a carrot or two and a bottle of water. One of us would be running his bath, whilst the other is peeling a carrot & tidying up house.

Once he is in the bath, the world to him I believe, is 1000 times bigger. He will pretend to be a whale, a dolphin, sometimes even a hippo, whatever comes into his mind at that time. Then he and his 'mates' (The Octonauts crew) will be going on an over/ under adventure to save creatures, which now includes dinosaurs. 'Help me! Help me!...Nom nom nom..Captain Barnacle here!' he announces. Splish, splash, splosh! A magical moment that I know will fade away as he grows older. 

This made me ponder. Perhaps this is how he experiences pure relaxation and that we in turn should mirror this, despite the obvious puddles that need cleaning.

So here's my challenge for you.

When you next run a bath for your child, linger around and watch what happens. Too often we are running around the house tidying up, picking up toys, simply multitasking as we do best. Shut your eyes from time to time and listen to the magic of your child experiencing his imagination. Then for his/her next bath, try and sneak a few shots with the camera.

Pictured here is a scene when Mr. Whale was making big splashes in the the ocean. He knew I was going to take his pictures, but as he was in a different universe that is the bath tub, I was able to capture his magic, naturally.

#Tip: Keep your balance when taking photos over your bath tub, safety first. Let your child choose his/her toys and you can help to create a creative story by interacting with him/her. Lastly, be patient. All the best! Feel free to share your images with me. :)